Maybe it’s a bit cliché and a bit cheesy to have our first blog post so overly nautically titled. PPC Yachting has been founded to improve the lives of yachties throughout the Eastern Caribbean. Our initial service offering is located in Barbados, with plans to rapidly expand to neighboring islands in the area. Our longer-term goal is to provide you with a seamless experience throughout the region.

A quick introduction:

PPC Yachting was founded by three people who share a love for the sea and for sailing. All three of us were born here and appreciate the important role that the sea has played in the history of the island. In many ways, Barbados and the sea are inextricably linked, both past and present. It is because of this history, as well as geography that we see Barbados as a natural ‘first stop’ for anyone crossing the Atlantic.

One of our main goals with PPC, apart from making your life easier, is fostering a stronger community in the islands. We recognize and are lobbying for better facilities, easier rules and regulations, less paperwork. We want to see more of the good things and less of the things none of us like.

Looking forward:

This blog will serve as just one part of the plan. In the future you can except to see information here relating to:

  • Regional sailing event (regattas, rallies, etc.)
  • Yacht related developments (real-estate, industry news, etc.)
  • New product offerings from ourselves and our partners
  • Other items of general interest to people in the yachting community

We ask that you bear with us as we buildout our online presence and tools. We have big plans to make both the island of Barbados and the wider region as accessible as possible for all.

Until then, may the winds and the seas always be favorable!

— Steve


One of the founders of PPC Yachting, born in Barbados, Steve has always had a love of sailing and boats.